500,000 square foot Advanced Lighting Control Installation from Enlighted, Inc. for Menlo Business Park, Managed by Tarlton Properties, to Generate Annual Energy Savings of $400,000

Enlighted, Inc. integrates with HVAC and demand response systems, creating comprehensive energy efficiency solution for building retrofits

March 27, 2012 – Sunnyvale, CA – Enlighted, Inc., a leading provider of smart, simple lighting control systems, today announced its largest commercial project to date, a 500,000 square foot, 12 building installation for Menlo Business Park as managed by Tarlton Properties Inc. of Menlo Park, CA. This project recently received a Business Environmental Award as the leading “Environmental Project” of 2012 from Acterra, an environmental non-profit serving the Silicon Valley. Menlo Business Park anticipates lighting energy savings between 50 and 70 percent annually through the use of Enlighted’s lighting control system. They further anticipate additional savings from the automated demand response and integration of occupancy data with the HVAC systems. The newly completed project was part of a major energy efficiency retrofit which included Pacific Gas and Electric Company, EnerNOC, Global Energy Partners and Progressive Lighting & Energy Solutions. The Menlo Business Park project serves as an example of how collaboration among stakeholders and the use innovative services can deliver highly successful Integrated Demand Side Management technology. The combined project of HVAC demand response controls and lighting efficiency upgrades received more than $500,000 in incentives, allowing Tarlton Properties to implement a comprehensive energy efficiency solution featuring Enlighted’s sensor units controlling dimmable ballasts.

“After an extensive analysis of technologies available, the potential for a return on our investment in less than five years was an incredibly compelling reason to adopt Enlighted’s solution,” said Dave Tarlton, vice president and director, Tarlton Properties, Inc. “Through a combined hardware and software platform from Progressive Lighting & Energy, EnerNOC, Enlighted and our other partners, we are able to collectively address HVAC, demand response and lighting optimization and also get the best rebates available. We proved that it is possible to lower energy costs and enhance the work environment for occupants across an entire campus, with an easy-to-install, reasonable cost solution.”

“The Menlo Business Park project is projected to create both an energy savings in excess of $400,000 and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of more than 1,000,000+ pounds per year,” according to Karl Gee, senior energy specialist, Progressive Lighting & Energy. “The technology platform implemented is a best-of-breed solution and was foundational in creating a clear win-win opportunity and triple bottom line benefit for the property owner, the occupants working there and most importantly the planet. This project embodies “climate capitalism,” doing well by doing good.”

The project also integrates several PG&E third party programs under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), including Ecology Action’s Right Lights and the Technical Incentives (TI) for Open Automated Demand Response from Global Energy Partners. In addition, the California High Performance Lighting Program (CHPLP), supported by Willdan Engineering, offers comprehensive lighting assessments and substantial incentives for lighting upgrades to office and warehouse spaces in PG&E’s service area.

Menlo Business Park’s integration of Enlighted’s data collection capabilities with HVAC systems and EnerNOC’s demand response solution enables facility managers to make educated decisions based on current consumption levels and curtail the facility’s energy usage during times of peak demand.

“Real-time energy data and AutoDR technology are a powerful combination,” said Gregg Dixon, senior vice president of marketing & sales, EnerNOC. “For customers like Menlo Business Park, increased automation and the ability to view dispatch performance in real time can translate directly into energy and cost savings. Our web-based energy management software is available on-demand to help customers address inefficiencies and create tens of thousands of dollars in additional savings throughout the year.”

“We were thrilled to collaborate with all of our partners on comprehensive building energy control to deliver automation and integration of lighting control, the building management system, HVAC and demand response to such a large building campus,” explains Tushar Dave, CEO and co-founder of Enlighted Inc. “Our wireless solution is not only incredibly easy-to-install, it is capable of integrating on to any platform, answering the demand for a truly flexible demand response enabled lighting control system. Now facility managers and property owners can maximize rebate benefits, leverage tiered pricing and proactively control energy consumption when costs are high.”

The Enlighted intelligent lighting control system senses ambient light, occupancy and temperature and provides decentralized and distributed control of lighting fixtures to tailor light consumption to users’ individual needs. The result is rapid payback in terms of energy savings and increase in occupant comfort. Data from Enlighted’s sensor network can enable additional energy savings when it is integrated with HVAC, demand response and other building energy efficiency systems.

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Enlighted, Inc. is the premier provider of intelligent lighting control systems. Its groundbreaking platform delivers unprecedented ROI and is the lowest cost solution available today for commercial retrofits. The Company has delivered 50 – 70% light energy savings at over 35 Fortune 1000 customers. Its innovative solutions significantly reduce costs and carbon emissions, enhancing the value of commercial buildings. For more information please visit www.enlightedinc.com.

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