Enlighted Products

The Enlighted people-smart system provides a next-generation approach to managing energy use, beginning with significant reductions in lighting energy consumption. Comprised of Enlighted Smart Sensors, the Enlighted Gateway, and the Enlighted Energy Manager, the Enlighted system operates in a robust, fault-tolerant architecture.

  • People-smart

    • Distinguishes between people and objects
    • Customizes lighting control for specific tasks
    • Delivers detailed data for better planning and decision-making
    • Extends efficiency to other building systems
  • Future-proof

    • Requires zero system design time
    • Installs in minutes or hours instead of days and weeks
    • Operates completely transparently to occupants
  • Operationally

    • Typically saves 50-70% on lighting usage costs
    • Reduces installation and maintenance costs to almost zero
    • Drives significant enterprise savings

See for yourself

enlighted smart sensors

Enlighted Smart Sensors

Intelligent Enlighted Sensors are connected to each light fixture in the building—whether fixtures are fluorescent, LED, or other types—where they collect occupancy, ambient light, temperature, and energy consumption data. You can configure control profiles for areas such as private offices, open offices, conference rooms, bathrooms, and hallways or completely customize profiles to your needs. Once configured, each sensor operates on its own without requiring centralized control. Based on the stored profiles, Enlighted Smart Sensors control each light fixture accordingly.

Enlighted Smart Sensors reduce
lighting usage in three ways:

  • Task tuning: Task tuning enables light levels to be adjusted appropriately for the task at hand, such as computer work, paperwork, design and drafting activities, and collaboration. The software can also fine-tune light fixtures as the needs of a work area change.
  • Daylight harvesting: Each Smart Sensor continuously measures ambient light levels. If an occupant area has adequate natural light, Smart Sensors regulate the amount of artificial light used—or not used.
  • Occupancy sensing: Smart Sensors include superior motion detection technology, so that lighting and HVAC controls can be tuned to appropriate levels for optimal occupant satisfaction and maximum energy savings.

Download the datasheet: Compact Sensor | Smart Sensor | Ruggedized Sensor | Fixture Mount Sensor


Room Control

Enlighted Room Control is a lighting remote control or wall-mounted device that lets individuals change illumination levels and lighting configurations in a room or workspace with the touch of a button. Building occupants and facilities managers can dynamically adjust lighting levels to save energy, increase comfort, or tailor illumination for specific tasks.

Choose from preprogrammed settings through the easy-to-use software interface or customize settings with a few clicks of a mouse. A single Room Control device can manage up to 100 Enlighted-enabled light fixtures by broadcasting signals using secure wireless protocols. Each wall-mounted Room Control runs on a self-contained battery that will last for up to ten years. No remodeling and electrical work is required for installation.

Download the datasheet: Room Control


Enlighted Gateway

The Enlighted Gateway provides the communication channel between Enlighted Smart Sensors and the Enlighted Energy Manager and a transition from wireless to wired networking. It aggregates energy, environmental, and occupancy data from deployed Enlighted Smart Sensors and sends data to the Enlighted Energy Manager for analysis. The Gateway reduces sensor installation costs while aggregating data for processing by the Enlighted Energy Manager.

Download the datasheet: Gateway


Enlighted Energy Manager

The Enlighted Energy Manager is a premises-based people-smart system, providing a secure browser-based interface to a robust database. It monitors, analyzes, and reports on energy savings. The Energy Manager can be implemented on-premises as an appliance or as a virtual machine. The Energy Manager is protected by industry-standard security with encryption. It also facilitates integration with third-party building automation and demand response systems.

Download the datasheet: Energy Manager